Decisió sdg14 Vida submarina

Ante un futuro incierto, evaluar diversas opciones basadas en la inteligencia colectiva y tomar una decisión que ayude a proteger la vida bajo el agua

Per exemple:

Theatre forum method

  • In groups of 3-4, role-play a short scene illustrating a problem related to life under water (eg. loss of submarine biodiversity and the impact on a group of humans).
  • They start playing it a second time, asking anybody from the rest of the group to intervene whenever someone has an idea about how the situation could end up differently if influenced in a certain way. Anybody can step up (usually one person at a time) and take the role of one of the actors. The others have to adapt to what the new person brings in. After a while, the teacher stops the process and asks the person that has intervened if she/he is satisfied with how things have evolved.
  • The play starts again from where it has been changed, as it was the first time, and another person can step in, and the group has to adapt to this new intervention.

After 2-4 interventions, a discussion takes place on what happened and what suggestions were made. Then discuss what could/should happen.