Empatia sdg11 Ciutats i comunitats sostenibles

Desarrollar la empatía por las comunidades o ciudades no privilegiadas y entender que la sostenibilidad no se puede alcanzar a menos que todas alcancen una calidad de vida adecuada.

Per exemple:

Conduct interviews with community members in need or visit isolated or remote areas to learn in situ the problems and difficulties they have. Produce a report of findings with specific measures that can be undertaken for more sustainable living. Ask the support of NGOs and other organizations for their implementation.

Debate: Touristic Development Vs endangered species conservation. Students are divided into two groups: one group supporting touristic development of an area and the other group supporting halting touristic development for the protection of endangered species in the same area.
Groups collect data, explore various resources for justifying their position and try to address the issue from different points of view. It is important that the ideas that will be finally adopted take into consideration the fact that our quality of life and sustainable living not only depend on economic welfare, but also depend on living in harmony with other species.